The Hatters are a Explorer group based in Southgate. The group was formed in summer 2007, with leader Stephen Ward and 7 Explorers. The Explorers range in age from 14 to 18 and are a close-knit group.

Now, in 2013 the group has over 50 members, with the young teenagers constantly having fun, adventures and challenging themselves, with long expeditions in the pouring rain as well as Jamborees where they meet scouts from all over the world. The group have travelled to many places including Ireland, Denmark, Wales and Namibia.

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Daniel Ingle Scout Leader

“I enjoy helping the Explorers, because they are intellectually mature enough to be challenged.” 

Rosie Hamill Network member and ex Hatter

“It’s nice to have something outside of school where I get to do things I wouldn’t normally be able to do”


Sian Stockton Hatters Member

“I can have adventures I couldn’t have otherwise and I have met lovely people and gives me something productive to do.”

Pascal Lamb

“I have made new Friends and have had the opportunity to do many things I couldn’t otherwise do. It has also given me many character building opportunities, such as the Namibia expedition 2011.”


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